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STR Photography

Preluna Hotel
Bel Air Real Estate

Our Story

We started STR Photography and Hosting around the same time Airbnb was founded !

15 years ago we had the opportunity to work together with Airbnb,  capturing all the beautiful STR Properties worldwide. 

As Photographer I was able to travel trough Asia, Europe and in the USA to meet host 

and see all the unique properties and ideas !  We got inspired by so many host so I decided to start my own Short Term Rentals !

The are many ideas how to make your STR more unique and how to create unique marketing ! My favorites are the old commercial planes remodeled to unique airbnb,  but I also enjoy nature and looking always for a space where I can take a break from our busy life and online work.  I simple studio with modern build small house with big glass windows surrounded by lot of green or amazing views would be amazing.  Sometimes a luxury trailer at the right location will be enough to spend few night and work online !

From the marketing perspective it always depends on the property,  I start with HDR photos first,  then decide if there is amazing view or nice neighborhood we usually add Drone Aerial Videos and Photos. It works very well with Beach Properties and sometimes for additional fee I stay longer to capture Sunset, Twilight or Sunrise Photos !

Our Advanced Technology can also capture a 3D Photo above Your Property to show your Neighborhood, we also offer Neighborhood Photography.


For bigger properties I also recommend a 3D Tour or Matterport with Floorplan !




Adrian Lewandowski 


Let’s Work Together
Making your STR amazing !

Long Beach CA

Tel: 562-222-4937

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